Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Fliight


Join the best balloon flight experience with us in Cappadocia. According the summer time pick up, we pick you up from your hotel about 05.00 AM. The bus driver picks you up with a name list and he drives you to the take off point. while the crew inflating the balloons you can enjoy beautiful view and taking pictures. As soon as the permission from Civil .aviation publised in the web site of Civil Aviation your pilot will take you to baskets and you will take off soon. approximetelly about 1 hour you will enjoy seeing beautiful formations of Cappadocia. at the end of the flight, your pilot will aproach to a landing place for landing. by landing to a safe place you will have some info about the flight video, photo etc, you will be served your certificate or medals and then you will be droped to your hotel by the same bus and driver. Due to pandemic measures F&B services will be skipped. latest about 08.00 you will be back in your hotel. if you are planing to do Green or Red Tour you can catch up the tour for sure.

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